have had severe sweating (hyperhidrosis) and strong odour for most of my
teenage and adult years. It doesn’t just occur when I’m nervous or in a hot
environment, it occurred every single day even when I’m totally relaxed. I’ve
had to constantly spray strong anti perspirants throughout the day and
sometimes bring a change of top when meeting friends after work as I wasn’t
comfortable wearing the same top, which would contain large sweat patches and a
strong odour. It seriously dented my confidence.

had been researching different ways to treat this condition without any luck. I
went to the doctor about it and she gave me a prescription for a strong roll on
deodorant that was only used nightly and then washed off the next morning. I
didn’t like it because it created a very unpleasant smell and so stopped using
it and went back to regular anti perspirants and change of tops. I knew there
was other options but I didn’t like the idea of multiple injections every 6 months.

kept researching and eventually found out about this treatment through random
searching. It sounded amazing that it was quite new and had a lot of success. I
had read many testimonials and thought long and hard about it. I found CC Kat
Aesthetics online and made an appointment for April 2017.

went along and met with Natasha, the practice nurse, who was wonderful and made
me feel very comfortable. The treatment consisted of having a number of
anaesthetic injections under both arms. This was uncomfortable but a necessary
requirement for the use of the handheld device. The numbing was immediate and
therefore I didn’t even notice the treatment had commenced. It took overall an
hour and I was left with swelling and some bruising. However, with constant
icing and some painkillers I really feel that after less than a week my
underarms had returned to normal.

now 4 weeks since I had the treatment and I feel much more confident and I can
wear any material top nowwithout having to worry about sweat patches and
odour. I rarely use anti perspirant and I am happy with just having the one

would highly recommend CC Kat Aesthetics especially Miradry for anyone
suffering from hyperhidrosis”.

A.M, Ireland

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