"For as long as I can remember my legs were awful. No matter how much I exercised, my calves would not grow. At school, I was taunted and in childhood photographs my legs were awful. I became really fat but my calves looked barely a reasonable size and people would comment I had skinny legs. I plucked up the courage and saw Mrs Kat who was so kind and understanding. I am 62 years old and she put me at ease. I read the information leaflet and went ahead. I was still embarrassed so I told people I was having varicose veins removed as it works on the same theory from behind the knee. The only thing I can say about the pain is it was a little more than I expected but worth every second as it goes quickly after 2 weeks. That was 6 months ago. I had a wonderful Summer and for the first time could wear a swimming costume and short skirts without feeling bad. Everyone says I have lovely legs as I have now slimmed down also, but they do not know it is all thanks to Mrs Kat. Thank you, Mrs Kat, for giving me life. It has been so wonderful and I am sure I will be back for more now. I just can't stop looking at my legs - it's amazing."

C. S

"I have suffered from excessive sweating from my teenage years due to stressful situations, nerves and anxiety. This affected me, every day of my life, the clothes I wore, every meeting I attended, the list goes on. I had tried all 'over the counter' antiperspirants and then went on to prescription treatments, non of which would work after a few weeks . I was referred to Mrs Kat and she advised me of the surgical procedure called 'Bilateral Axillary Hyperhydrosis Correction'. After a lot of thought,consideration and research I decided to go ahead and have never looked back. The surgery was a daycase and was painless but due to restricted movement post op, I would advise at least three weeks recovery. Probably the most painful part was the physio/stretching exercises to regain mobility, but that was minimal. The sweating stopped immediately the operation was performed and I haven't suffered any sweating since. I don't wear any antiperspirant/deodrant at all now, it is truly amazing.I have more confidence, it has changed my life. There is some slight scaring but it is not a problem for me as the benefits far outweigh this and I have been assured by Mrs Kat that these will fade in time. Mrs Kat has always been reassuring and confident with this procedure throughout and I have much to thank her for. I would be willing to speak with anybody about my experience regarding this procedure . Mrs Kat and her staff were always willing to speak with me over any concerns and always put my mind at rest. Thank you."

S. B

"Very helpful and understanding to my requirements. Staff very pleasant."

A. I