The fees listed here are meant to serve as a guide price for patients and will vary depending on procedure specifications, anaesthesia and location. Fees are individually calculated for non-standard or combined procedures and all costs will be confirmed and agreed at consultation. In addition, the prices apply only at the time of publication and are subject to changes without notification.

The fees quoted at consultation are fixed-cost prices for self-funding patients and will cover costs related to your  theatre, surgeon and anaesthetic fees. It also covers all post-operative visits for one year.

It does not include the initial consultation fee for uninsured patients which is payable upon booking. The initial consultation fee starts from £50 for Aesthetic Doctors and £150 for Surgeons


INSURED PATIENTS  We carry out a variety of procedures covered by private medical insurance companies. We are registered with all the main insurers - BUPA, Norwich Union, AXA PPP, Legal & General, First Assist, Royal Sun Alliance, Standard Life etc. Our charges are within the guidelines of the main insurance company BUPA. As all insurance companies and individual policies vary considerably, you are advised to clarify your level of coverage with your insurance company. In the event of a shortfall in payment, the responsibility for settlement will rest with the patient.


These prices are for guidance only, there may be variations depending on patient's particular circumstances or requirements.


Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)From £4,975
Breast ReductionFrom £6,440
Breast Uplift (Mastopexy)From £5,890
Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) with implantsFrom £7,940
Removal of implantsFrom £3,100
Removal of implants & MastopexyFrom £6,890
Capsulectomy & exchange of round implantsFrom £6,400
Removal of implants & fat graftFrom £8,850
Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia)From £5,330
Inverted Nipple CorrectionFrom £2,400
Nipple ReductionFrom £1,900
Areola ReductionFrom £3,100
Breast ReconstructionContact us




Mini AbdominoplastyFrom £4,150
Lock & Glue Tummy Tuck / LipoabdominoplastyFrom £7,420
Circumferential 360° Lower Body ReductionFrom £10,500
Arm Reduction (mini)From £3,100
Thigh ReductionFrom £4,500
Calf ImplantsFrom £4,600
Calf Fat GraftFrom £5,800
Buttock Lift (Liposuction & Excision)From £5,400
LabiaplastyFrom £3,200
Vaser Liposuction (1 area)From £3950 plus £1400 for each additional area
Renuvion (1 area)From £2,521 plus £500 for each additional area


Mini Facelift – 1 stitchFrom £3,700
Mini Facelift – 2 stitchFrom £4,600
Temple/Lateral Brow LiftFrom £3,600
MACS LiftFrom £6,350
Neck LiftFrom £6,550
Extended MACS Lift (SMAS)From £7,450
Lower Eyelid ReductionFrom £3,400
Upper Eyelid ReductionFrom £3,000
Prominent Ear Correction (Pinnaplasty)From £3,700
Split Earlobe Correction (Bilateral)From £1,900
Buccal Fat RemovalFrom £2,400
Dimple CreationFrom £2,400
Chin Augmentation with Fat GraftFrom £2,800
Chin Augmentation with ImplantFrom £5,030
Chin ReductionFrom £4,950
Fat Graft (small area e.g. chin, part of face etc)From £2,800



Nose ReshapingFrom £6,950
Nasal Tip ReductionFrom £4,100


Permalip Lip Implant Upper or LowerFrom £2,100
Permalip Lip Implant Upper and LowerFrom £4,100
Lip Augmentation with Fat GraftFrom £2,800
Lip Reduction Upper or LowerFrom £2,100
Bullhorn Lip LiftFrom £3,200


Excision of Lesion Skin x 1 (No Histology*)From £595 plus £200 for each addition
Scar Revision/ Tattoo Removal (small <2cm)

Scar Revision/Tattoo Removal (medium 2-5cm)

Scar Revision / Tattoo Removal (large 5-10cm)

From £900

From £1,150

From £1,500

Histology, if required£130


Obagi Blue PeelFrom £2,500
Croton Oil PeelFrom £3,500


These prices are for guidance only, there may be variations depending on the patient's particular circumstances or requirements.


Filler injection (Hyaluronic Acid)From £400
Volumising Filler (Radiesse)From £525
ProfhiloFrom £525
Advanced Fillers (Nose Filler or Tear Trough)From £450
Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (1 area)From £225
Wrinkle Relaxing injections (2 areas)From £335
Wrinkle Relaxing injections (3 areas)From £445
NeckliftFrom £225
Jaw slimmingFrom £335



C02 Laser Rejuvenation (Full Face)From £1,999
C02 Laser Rejuvenation (Full Face & Eyes)From £2,400
C02 Laser Rejuvenation (Full Face, Eyes & Neck)From £2,900
C02 Laser Rejuvenation (Small Area)From £599
Madonna EyeliftFrom £799
Cool Peel ResurfacingFrom £899
C02 Laser Scar Correction (Full Face)From £1,499
C02 Laser Scar Correction (Partial Face - 2 Or More Areas)From £2,400
C02 Laser Scar Correction (1 Area e.g. Nose)From £599
Lesions - Skin Tag/Warts/Moles/Seborrheic KeratosisFrom £499 + £200 For Each Additional Lesion
XanthelasmaFrom £899




Cristal Fat Freezing From £450
Exilis - Body (Small Area) From £150
Exilis - Body (Large Area) From £200
Exilis - Face (per area) From £100
HydraTite Protocol (4 areas Exilis on face/neck & 1 mini HydraFacial) £295

Vbeam Pulse Dye Laser

Facial RednessFrom £599
TelangiectasiaFrom £399
Face RejuvenationFrom £499
Neck RejuvenationFrom £499
Face and Neck RejuvenationFrom £599
Campbell de Morgan SpotsFrom £399
Sun Spots/Epidermal PigmentationFrom £399
Post surgery bruisingFrom £69

CACI - Non-Surgical Face Lift

Single Treatment£130
Course of 10£950
Monthly Maintenance£130
Hand Mask (add-on)£20 per session


Standard HydraFacial (Single Session)£130
Deluxe HydraFacial (Single Session)£150
Deluxe HydraFacial (Course of 3)£405
Deluxe Plus HydraFacial (Single Session)£170
Deluxe Plus HydraFacial (Course of 3)£459
Acne HydraFacial (Single Session)£170
Acne HydraFacial (Course of 3)£456
Environ® Advanced Vitamin£85
Obagi® Blue Peel Radiance£120
Skinpen + PRP (Single Session)From £360
Skinpen + PRP (Course of 3)From £900
Saxenda monthly supply£580
IV Nutrient Therapy Drips£350
Miradry First TreatmentFrom £1495
Miradry Second Treatment (If Necessary)From £900



Small Area                           (lip/ chin/ areola/ face/ underarm/ standard bikini line/ hands/ feet/ naval line/ neck)£95 per session / Course 6 sessions £513
Medium Area                      (full bikini and peri anal/ arms/ half leg/ stomach/ chest£200 per session / Course 6 sessions £1080
Large Area                            (full leg/ full back)£250 per session / Course 6 sessions £1350
Full Body£400 per session / Course 6 sessions £2,160
Top-To-Toe                          (full leg/ full bikini/ arms/ chest/ stomach/ back/ neck/ hands/ feet)£500 per session / Course 6 sessions £2700



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