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Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples point inwards towards the breast rather than pointing outwards. Inverted nipples can be flat against the areola or go inwards in more extreme cases.
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What are inverted nipples?

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An inverted nipple is a nipple that points inwards towards the breast rather than pointing outwards. Inverted nipples are relatively common, affecting around 20% of both men and women. One or both sides may be affected. Although the problem is mainly cosmetic, in some women it can affect their ability to breastfeed.

Some nipples are usually inverted, but can be stimulated sexually or when they become cold. Others may be permanently inverted. Inverted nipples may also be 'flat', where they neither protrude or invert from the areola.

What causes inverted nipples?

Inverted nipples usually develop during puberty and are the result of short milk ducts. If you have had an inverted nipple since puberty, there is unlikely to be an underlying medical problem. Sometimes the natural drooping of the breasts can cause nipple inversion if the milk ducts do not stretch fast enough.

Inverted nipples can also be caused by breastfeeding, breast infections, trauma or breast cancer, and some cases patients may be born with the condition.

However, if this has happened more recently without reason, you should see your GP straight away. There may be an underlying condition that needs treatment.

Should I consider inverted nipple surgery?

You may wish to consider inverted nipple surgery to correct your inverted nipples if they cause issues with your self-esteem or confidence. Nipple inversion correction is usually purely cosmetic, but this does not detract from the importance of the procedure.

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes and there is no right or wrong shape. Protruding nipples are considered aesthetically desirable, but apart from allowing for breastfeeding, there is no medical reason to correct inverted nipples.

The primary function of the nipples is to allow for breastfeeding. Typically, all nipples will become more prominent throughout pregnancy, and may enable some inverted nipples to correct themselves naturally.

Nipple eversion devices can use suction and vibration to stimulate the nipples and promote eversion. These can be viable for less serious nipple inversion, but will typically not give permanent results.

Should I consider nipple surgery if I want to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding cannot be guaranteed after inverted nipple surgery because the milk ducts will usually be cut during surgery and will no longer be intact.

If your main concern is breastfeeding, nipple eversion devices are the best first option.

Procedure Time

40 minutes for both nipples


Local Anaesthetic or Twilight Sedation

Nights in Hospital

Daycase (no overnight stay)

Pain and Discomfort

1 day

Risks - Common

Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness

Risks - Uncommon

Infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, permanent numbness, nipple loss, delayed wound healing, reinversion.

Follow-up Appointments

1 week and 3 months (after surgery)

Time Off Work

1 day

Sports and Exercise

2 weeks post-op - walking, 4 weeks post-op - jogging, 6 weeks post-op - everything


12 weeks until final result. Scars continue to improve over 18 months

How does inverted nipple surgery work?

Surgery for inverted nipples is a relatively simple procedure. A cut is usually made directly over the nipple so that it is free from the surrounding tissue and re-stitch it so that it protrudes.

The procedure is usually carried out under local anaesthesia, which means the area will be numb but you will be awake or general anaesthesia, when you will be asleep during the procedure. You will usually be able to go home later the same day, and can return to normal activities almost immediately.

Scarring is usually minimal, though breastfeeding cannot be guaranteed after the procedure because the milk ducts will usually have been cut during surgery and will no longer be intact.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you review your expectations thoroughly before you decide to proceed. Your specialist will explain the results you can expect, and will discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before going ahead.

Inverted nipple surgery cost

Please get in touch to confirm your fee. All patients will require a consultation prior to surgery to assess your individual requirements and desires.

Inverted nipple correction (both nipples)

From £2,980

Before and after photos

Inverted Left Nipple Before

Inverted Left Nipple After

Inverted Right Nipple Before

Inverted Right Nipple After

If you are a prospective patient, please download the informed consent form below. This includes information about the treatment, potential risks and contraindications.

Inverted Nipple Correction Recovery

Instructions on discharge
  • You will have a padded dressing over the operated area.
  • Keep the nipple warm to encourage good blood flow.
  • All dressings to be kept dry until further instructed.
  • Discharge with standard painkillers.
Dressings Clinic
  • Usually about a week after the surgery when the dressing will be removed and replaced for another week.
  • All sutures are dissolvable unless otherwise informed.
  • No restrictions but avoid strenuous activites for the first 2 weeks.
  • Avoid excess pressure on the operated nipple, a normal bra can be worn.
  • No smoking, or being around people who smoke whilst wounds are healing.
General scar care for first 3 months
  • Moisturise scar for first 3 months.

Inverted Nipple Correction Surgeons

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