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Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure which reshapes, reduces the size of, and impoves the symmetry of the labia minora (small inner lips).
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What is a labiaplasty?

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Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery which is performed to alter the shape, size or symmetry of the labia minora for medical or cosmetic reasons.

People choose to have a labiaplasty for a number of reasons. Enlarged labia can cause discomfort when wearing tight clothing or doing certain sports, such as cycling. A lack of pubic hair has become popular due to recent trends, making the labia more noticeable and causing issues with self- consciousness for some women. Concerns about the appearance of your labia may also affect your sexual intimacy. The labia may change shape, become larger, or lose tone after childbirth or as you age, and a labiaplasty may help you to regain confidence in your body.

A labiaplasty can help you to wear tight fitting clothes confidently, and enjoy activities like cycling, horse riding, or having sex without discomfort or feeling self-conscious.

What does a labiaplasty involve?

A labiaplasty typically takes around 45 minutes and can be carried out under twilight anaesthetic or local anaesthetic.

There are several different techniques that can be used to reshape or reduce the size of your labia to give it a neater appearance. Your surgeon will discuss the best technique for you at your consultation. Labiaplasty is a fairly simple procedure, involving surgical removal (excision) of an area of the labia using a variety of incisions.

Procedure Time

45 mins


Local or Twilight Sedation

Nights in Hospital


Pain and Discomfort

3 - 7 days

Risks - Common

Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness, mild bleeding

Risks - Uncommon

Infection, bad scarring, asymmetry, bleeding, delayed wound healing

Follow-up Appointments

1 week, 3 months (after surgery)

Time Off Work

1 week

Sports and Exercise

2 weeks post-op - walking, 4 weeks - jogging, 6 weeks - everything


12 weeks until final result, scars continue to improve over 18 months

How long will it take to heal after a labiaplasty?

Your consultant will advise you how long it will take for your labia to heal after labiaplasty surgery and provide you with an individual aftercare plan. Typically, you can expect to heal relatively quickly.

After your labiaplasty you will be advised to get moving as soon as possible. Labiaplasty is performed as a day-case surgery at Kat & Co, meaning that you will be able to go home on the same day as your procedure, whether you choose twilight or local anaesthetic.

You are likely to experience some minor pain, discomfort and swelling. Painkillers will be prescribed to help relieve this, and swelling will usually settle within the first few weeks.

We recommend you take a week off work to recover, and that you return to normal activities after two weeks, light jogging after four weeks, and all activities after six weeks.

You will also have a follow up appointment 1 week after surgery to change your dressings and check that you are recovery well, and then another follow up after 3 months to assess the results of your surgery.

Instructions on discharge
  • On the day of discharge, Hibiscrub liquid soap to be used for washing the wound in place of normal soap for 2 weeks. Only a small amount should be used. Wash after every visit to the toilet.
  • Polyfax ointment to be applied to the wound and a sanitary pad to protect the wound for 2 weeks.
  • Wear close fitting underwear to provide good contact with the sanitary pad and wound.
  • Stop the Polyfax and Hibiscrub after 2 weeks, the stitches are dissolvable but may cause some itching, if there is still itching after 2 weeks then Sudocrem can be used..
Dressing clinic
  • Usually about a week after surgery when the wounds will be inspected.
  • No restrictions on activities except for maybe swimming and other strenuous activities for the first 2 weeks.

The labia is a very sensitive area with a lot of nerve endings. Normally, a labiaplasty will not result in decreased sensitivity unless nerve damage occurs as a complication during the procedure.

Labiaplasty Cost


From £3,610

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