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brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, is a surgical buttock augmentation procedure. Unwanted fat is taken from other parts of the body to lift and add volume to the buttocks.
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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

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A Brazilian Butt Lift, commonly known as BBL, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the transfer of fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks. Only recently have UK surgeons been able to offer this treatment safely for women and men who want to achieve a curvier, hourglass figure. This modified procedure, which avoids injection of fat into the muscle for better safety, is also known as superficial gluteal lipofilling (SGL).

The procedure involves using liposuction to remove fat from areas of the body with excess fat, such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, and back. The harvested fat is then purified and processed before being re-injected into the buttocks to add volume, curve, and improve symmetry. Unlike buttock implants, BBL uses your own natural fat reserves to augment your buttocks, making it a safer and more natural way to achieve your desired look.

Why choose a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift (SGL), or 'fat transfer to the buttocks' or 'buttock fat transfer' is one of our most popular procedures at Kat & Co. We have even been featured in Tatler magazine as a leading specialist in BBL surgery. Many women want a curvier, fuller figure, but don't want to worry about the risks associated with implants. At Kat & Co we use minimally invasive vaser liposuction to extract fat, resulting in less pain, bruising and bleeding, and better, smoother results with greater skin contraction. Unwanted fat can be removed from other areas of the body including the tummy, flanks or lower back via Vaser liposuction, which itself makes the buttocks appear more prominent, before the fat is filtered, washed and reinjected beneath the skin, and never into the muscle.

Our expert BBL surgeons are highly experienced and properly trained at performing the Brazilian Butt Lift safely and with amazing results.

BBL Before and After

What are the benefits of BBL Surgery?

  • Natural Looking Results - The fat that is transferred during a BBL looks and behaves exactly like natural fat, taking on the characteristics of the area of the body that it is injected. As a result, BBL treatments are loved for their beautifully authentic finish.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection or Rejection - Since the fat used in a BBL procedure comes from your own body, there is minimal risk of rejection or infection. This makes BBL a safer option when compared to implants.
  • Removal of Unwanted Fat - During the BBL procedure, unwanted fat is removed from areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, and back. This means you can achieve a more toned and sculpted body while simultaneously augmenting your buttocks.

What to Expect During BBL Surgery?

Your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure will be performed at our specialist day case clinic at 20 Calthorpe Road in Birmingham. We offer this surgery under Twilight Anaesthetic or TIVA for a faster recovery time and decreased side effects than general anaesthetic. You will be able to leave the clinic on the same day as your procedure. A consultant anaesthetist will administer your anaesthetic and be in the clinic throughout your recovery period to ensure you recover safely.

1. Vaser liposuction

Using vaser liposuction, fat will be removed from other areas of the body. You can choose to have unwanted fat removed from anywhere on the body, adding to the sculpted look you desire.

Vaser liposuction is a much safer form of liposuction, using ultrasound technology. It results in less brusing, bleeding and swelling and can improve muscle definition and skin retraction.

Vaser selectively liquifies fat cells, preserving other important tissues such as nerves and blood vessels.

2. Fat processing

Fat is processed and cleaned prior to reinjection. Vaser liposuction increases the number of viable fat cells than can be transferred to the buttocks. The volume to be reinjected will be decided with your surgeon in your consultation.

3. Fat Injection

The resulting fat is then re-injected into your buttocks. This will involve multiple injections with a specially designed blunt-tipped cannula. It is important to always inject the fat above the muscle and avoid the gluteal veins and the sciatic nerve.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Procedure Time

3 hours


Twilight Sedation

Nights in Hospital

Daycase (no overnight stay)

Pain and Discomfort

3 - 7 days

Common problems after BBL

Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness (see vaser liposuction for donor site risks)

Risks - Uncommon

Infection, asymmetry, bleeding, fat necrosis, oil cysts, benign calcification, excessive loss of fat cells, fat embolus

Follow-up Appointments

1 week, 3 months (after surgery)

Time Off Work

1 - 2 weeks

Sports and Exercise

1 day post-op - walking, 1 week post-op - fast walking, 2 weeks post-op - everything


12 weeks until final result. Scars continue to improve over 18 months

Before and after BBL

These BBl before and after photos will give you an idea of the results that can be achieved with this procedure, and whether Brazilian butt lift surgery is right for you. Your consultant will also be able to show you a wide range of photos in your consultation.

BBL surgery cost

The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift starts from £9,431. This includes two areas of vaser liposuction to remove unwanted fat from other areas of your body such as the hips, tummy or thighs. Click here to find out more about vaser liposuction.

Brazilian Butt Lift with 2 Areas of Vaser Liposuction

From £9,664

Additional Area of Vaser Liposuction


At Kat & Co we carry out brazilian butt lifts (SGL) under Twilight Anaesthesia. Patients will be asleep and will not remember their procedure, but they will be able to breathe for themselves meaning that you will be able to go home the same day and recover in your own home or a nearby hotel.

Our consultants will typically recommend one to two weeks off work for BBL surgery patients. However, this may change depending on the individual and the extent of the reduction you are having.

Post-operative instructions

Instructions on discharge
  • The treated area will be swollen and bruised for 7-14 days depending on how large the treated area is. You will be provided with a special compression garment that applies pressure to the donor sites but not the buttock
  • Do not press firmly, sit or rub the buttock for 2 weeks
  • You can shower daily with the recommended hibiscrub cleanser.
  • Discharge with standard painkillers.
Dressings Clinic
  • Appointment approximately 1 week after surgery when the wounds will be checked
  • 2 weeks post-op - walking, 4 weeks post-op - fast walking, 6 weeks post-op - everything.
  • Avoid sitting on your butt for 2 weeks following surgery. Sleep on your side or stomach until the area has completely healed.
Wound Care
  • Moisturise scar after first 3 months

If you are a prospective patient, please download the informed consent form below. This includes information about the treatment, potential risks and contraindications.

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