Global Eyecon Treatment

Here at Kat & Co, we’re fighting back against pesky dark circles, under-eye bags, drooping eyelids as well as expression lines. We’re helping our clients say hello to smoother, more youthful skin around their eyes.


Mesoestetic Global Eyecon

As the old saying goes ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ and nothing brightens a face more than sparkling, youthful eyes.

The problem arises when the skin around our eyes starts to sag or darken. This can happen due to ageing, pigmentation problems or just general wear and tear or damage to our skin. But, when this does happen it can make us appear tired and aged. We are extremely excited to introduce the revolutionary new treatment that will fight the signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area: Mesoestetic Global Eyecon.

How does Global Eyecon treatment work?

A professional treatment with global action for the eye area: it corrects wrinkles, under-eye bags and circles, sagging and pigmentation in the periocular area. Combining peel sessions with transepidermal sessions for a more potent and effective solution of fighting signs of aging and fatigue in the eye contour. The treatment works to correct multiple eye contour blemishes such as, wrinkles and expression lines, under-eye bags and circles and drooping upper eyelids.

Why do the eyes require a specific treatment?

The eye contour is a particularly sensitive area that has differentiated anatomical characteristics, which explains why the treatment must be specific:

  • Skin around the eye is 5 times thinner
  • Lymphatic drainage is complex and very sensitive to external and internal factors ➢ It is a highly vascular area, with many vessels and small capillaries 22 underlying periorbital muscles in continuous use.

What can you expect from Global Eyecon treatment?

A programme of six sessions is recommended over six weeks:

The periocular peel should be performed first with the transepidermal treatment being performed the following week.

  • Comfortable treatment Safe for all skin types
  • Skin will be tightened
  • Fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothed
  • Dark circles will be lightened

How much does Global Eyecon cost?

Treatment costs £500

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Global Eyecon Procedure

Operation time60 mins
Treatment Intervals6 sessions are recommended - a week apart
Risks - commonRedness, swelling
Risks - rareBruising
Downtime24-48 hours redness
Pain/DiscomfortMild discomfort at the time of the procedure

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