"Mrs Kat was wonderful, went through all the treatment with me and made me feel at ease. It was just like a family environment. The surgery went very well and looked great, so if you are thinking of having a two stitch facelift Mrs Kat is the best by far. You could not get anyone better."

G. M

"As the one year anniversary of my blepharoplasty approaches, I wanted to say again how thrilled I am. I have almost completely forgotten I even had it done, though I know the difference it has made physically and mentally. Best of all no-one even noticed - though on my recent 60th birthday, a lot of the cards did note that I looked 'younger than ever!' All thanks to Mrs Kat and her team."

J. T

"My experience at CC Kat Aesthetics has been faultless. From the initial consultation to the final appointment, it shows total professionalism that gives you the confidence that you are in very capable and more importantly, experienced hands. The aftercare has been impressive with advice on scar treatment and care - very useful. I would definitely recommend CC Kat and the team to anyone looking to have Plastic Surgery. "

A. G

"I was feeling really upset about my appearance as I was getting older. I was recommended Mrs Kat who discussed the options. I decided on a 2 stitch mini facelift. I had the operation and after 3 weeks I was going out as normal. The result is amazing. At all stages of the procedure, I was made to feel at ease by all the lovely staff. Would have another on in a heartbeat. I'd like to say a big thank you to Mrs Kat and her staff."

S. B

"Mrs Kat and her team provided a wonderfully kind and supportive service, which is important than embarking on these sort of procedures. Before, during and after surgery, they were there to advise on any worries and to recommend products for the maintenance of the results. I could not be more thrilled with the result of my upper and lower eyelid reduction surgery- its given me back so much confidence and a lot of compliments without it being too obvious that I have had "work" done. All I can say is thank you. "

J. T

"I had a facelift and arm reduction by Mrs Kat. Excellent one on one service from Mrs Kat. Mrs Kat explained everything to me and advised me what would work best for me. I was made to feel very comfortable and no question was to much trouble to explain and answer. I would recommend Mrs Kat to anyone who was thinking of surgery, she will spend as much time as you need so you can make the right decision for your procedure."

J. D

"This lady is a genius! I had a neck lift on the 3/10/2016 and the results are excellent and everything i could have asked for. Mrs Kat is very caring and ensures that you are completely aware of what to expect. I will certainly be going back to Mrs Kat for further surgery in the future and would say to anyone considering cosmetic surgery to arrange a consultation with Mrs Kat. You won't be disappointed. "

"After a disastrous 18-month relationship, losing 2 stone, I was tired of people asking me if I had been ill and how much weight I had lost. I explained this to Mrs Kat and she was very sympathetic and made a few suggestions. Her approach was absolutely perfect and I could not fault her in any way."

L. B

"I do not consider myself to be a vain person and had, until now, accepted physical features nature gave me. I work in a mainly male-dominated environment and was beginning to feel less confident as the signs of ageing developed in my face. I was 55 years old and my only child was just 14 years old. I need to remain in work until she at least finishes full-time education and I was finding my drooping eyelids particularly difficult to cope with. The mirror reflected an old woman looking back at me and mentally I was accepting that image and feeling old and tired. Sounds daft, but so true. In 2015 I visited Mrs Kat and enquired about upper eyelid surgery. The appointment was relaxed and detailed. There was no pressure placed on me to undertake surgery. I then spent 18 months debating with myself whether I should accept old age and questioning what actual benefits this surgery would bring to me. Would the money be better spent on home improvements? Finally, in February 2016 I decided to undergo surgery. Mrs Kat performed an upper blepharoplasty procedure for me. For the first few weeks, I questioned whether I had made the correct decision. I most certainly did make the correct decision. Once the swelling and bruising disappeared I had the most fabulous young-looking eyes again. I can draw eyeliner across the top of my lashes, apply eye shadow on the lids of my eyes and take some pride back in my facial appearance. I had long ago stopped putting myself first and this simple procedure caused me to look at my life in so many ways. I feel younger and more confident. I am enjoying going out and having some fun. I look in the mirror and no longer feel old. Mrs Kat has transformed the way I feel about myself."

E. D

"From the receptionist to the entire team, the staff at CCKat Aesthetics were on hand to ensure my needs were met. From the initial consultation with Mrs Kat, I knew she was the surgeon I wanted after she carried out a blepharoplasty on me a couple of years back. Mrs Kat always listens and offers her honest advice to help me achieve my desired look. The support I then received from Mrs Kat's team was incredible. Being a little anxious on the day of the procedure, Jo, Kelly and Tash were on hand to make me feel very relaxed. The day was explained to me and I then went across to prepare for surgery. I was constantly told how well I was doing throughout the procedure and Mrs Kat's comments on how the surgery was going whilst being on the table were reassuring me that I was in good hands. After the procedure, Kelly ensured I had plenty to drink and I did not feel rushed to leave as I was last on the surgical list. At home, I made sure I put my feet up and listened to the advice given. I had a facial garment on all weekend. In the back of my mind, I was very scared to see the end result but I knew that it would take time to heal. I then went back 4 days later to have my garment removed and my MLD (manual lymphatic drainage). Kelly discussed with me the procedure. After removing my garment and cleaning the area I glanced in the mirror and was delighted with my results. A rush of emotion came over me, I could see a huge improvement. The cheek area was smooth and the mini facelift was reducing my lines which had driven me mad before. Kelly performed the MLD which was very relaxing explaining how the lymphatic treatment would help increase the circulation to reduce the swelling. Despite the bruising and swelling but I am delighted with the result of this surgical procedure. I would highly recommend Mrs Kat and her team."

Mrs V. C

"Dear Mrs Kat, Just a letter to say thank you for doing the surgery and that the procedure has now settled down. Overall the procedure has been a real success and has ticked all the boxes. My main concern was to be able to see out better and this was an immediate effect. It has also had the secondary effect of making me look better. I am happy and smile when I look in the mirror and therefore have improved my self-esteem. It must also be said that the whole package -letters, hospital, and your reception staff were all excellent. Thanks again!"

D. B

"Dear Dr Balachandra, Just a note to thank you for being so kind both before and after my operation. You made me feel completely at ease and I knew I was in safe hands. Your reassurance on Sunday morning was also much appreciated. Please can you pass on my thanks to your assistant. Thanks again, keep up your cycling and remember you really are looking good for 93!!"

D. H

"Dear Mrs Kat, Following my consultation with you on Tuesday, I would like to thank you very much for the excellent results following my surgery which, after three months is beginning to look and feel really natural- A great improvement! Thanks also to your team for their caring and professional approach. I will not hesitate in recommending you to friends and colleagues as I felt complete trust in your professionalism on both occasions I have used your services at the Priory hospital. You are also a great 'advert' for your clinic and the work you do as a cosmetic surgeon with your personal beauty and friendly approach. I look forward to continuing to use your services at Sherborne Street! With very best wishes and kind regards,"

K. G

"At my Consultation with Mrs Kat in 2012, I found her professional, approachable and importantly to me, she listened to my needs concerning a facelift. After her examination, discussion and advice; also addressing all complications that could occur, I decided to go ahead. I booked into Spire Little Aston Hospital, undergoing a surgical face and neck lift and fat transfer. My recovery was uneventful, quicker than I had anticipated, with minimal swelling and bruising for such an extensive procedure. The result- I, at last, looked my actual age of 68 years ( I previously felt and been judged to look in my mid 70's) I was fresher, younger but was still me - I was Delighted. At my first consultation, Mrs Kat had advised sessions with the C02 (Smartxide) Laser Post-surgery, to improve skin texture, wrinkles and to fade large areas of brown sun damage. Consequently, in February 2013, I attended the clinic, met with Dr Kat, who began the laser treatment. The Procedure was quite intensive and uncomfortable but manageable with an anaesthetic cream and dental injections. However, it did improve and firm areas around my eyes and cheeks. Dr Kat then explained and suggested trying the V-Beam laser for sun-damaged areas. It is now August 2013, I have had 2 sessions with the V-Beam laser which was totally pain-free and eliminated the stubborn sun-damaged areas- It's Amazing! I have so much respect and confidence in my two consultants, who are not only excellent in their advice and procedures but genuine, caring people too. Thank you both so much !!"

M. M

"I had a mini-facelift in April this year. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results. I have lost count of the people who has told me "how well you look". I was recommended to use Mrs Kat by a work colleague who had had a tummy tuck. In my consultation with Mrs Kat, we discussed the best option for me. I am 49 and have lost, and kept off, 4 stone for the last two years. I think because of my age this affected my face most of all. I had loose skin under my chin and premature jowls! It was agreed that I was not a candidate for the one stitch facelift or the full facelift (things haven't got that bad) but a mini facelift under local anaesthetic. The procedure was given to me in detail and I was told to go and think about it and was encouraged to think and look into more. I felt so reassured by Mrs Kat that I decided to go ahead at the earliest opportunity. I arrived for my appointment and was given pain killers and a tablet to relax my nerves a little. I was then given a gown and brought into the operating theatre. I would recommend wearing a fresh, clean vest for modesty. In all honesty, I don't think the operation is done under local anaesthetic is for the faint-hearted. The five injections on each side of the face are quite painful though you don't feel it too much after the first two on each side. Mrs Kat reassured me throughout the operation that everything was going well. After the injections had worked Mrs Kat began her work and I didn't feel a thing other than tugging. I was a bit alarmed at how much the muscles were pulled back into position and it felt, at the time, too tight, but Mrs Kat reassured me it was necessary to get the result and she was perfectly right. After the operation, my head was dressed with a bandage that goes around the chin and over the head. My face was so swollen I was hardly recognizable but THIS IS NORMAL. For the next few days, I rested at home whilst the bruising and swelling came out. I was given a regime and cream which I followed to my advantage. I was lucky that I had two weeks off from work and utilised this to recover. I must admit I didn't bruise as much as I thought though I wouldn't recommend going out for a few days. It was also a little difficult to eat as because of the soreness and swelling, it made chewing difficult so I would recommend eating soft foods. Now to the good bit, day by day, the wounds have healed and the soreness has gone the results are very, very natural. I was so afraid that it would be too extreme. It was the best money I have spent in recent years and I get pleasure again from looking in the mirror. I am me again, not the tired prematurely aged woman that was staring back at me before the procedure. I think the saying 'No pain, no gain' would sum it up nicely. Good Luck and enjoy the results..."

A. H

"I had a blepharoplasty and One Stitch Facelift mid-2012 by local anaesthetic with Mrs Kat. I am delighted with the result and the staff at the clinic on the day were so kind and caring. I would have no hesitation in recommending the procedures to anyone considering a 'mini-lift'."

Mrs G

"After considering eyelid surgery for a number of years I recently took the plunge and went ahead. My situation was complicated by my emigrating to New Zealand but Mrs Kats reputation was such that I decided to fly back to the UK for her to do it. Despite organising everything from the other side of the world, her administration team made everything simple and easy, arranging everything to fit in with my limited four-week stay in the UK. From the care I received during my short stay in the hospital, to the wonderful facial massage I received at discharge, the experience was truly positive all the way. Seven weeks on from the surgery I am very pleased with the results, my eyes look fresher but my features haven't changed. I actually hid away for the first two weeks, but after that, I put makeup on and went on with life as usual. Not one single person (only my best friend and partner knew about the surgery) including my closest family commented then or have since on my appearance which is very reassuring. The best thing though is to put eye makeup on and actually be able to see it."

S. F

"I am a 52-year-old lady who six months ago underwent facial rejuvenation performed by Mrs Kat. It has changed my life. I had a facelift with blepharoplasty and fat transfer from my abdomen to my cheeks. I have gone from a woman who lacked confidence and looked ten years older to one who is complimented daily on her appearance and looks ten years younger. I cannot recommend Mrs Kat highly enough. I had a two-night stay at Little Aston Hospital, the care I received was faultless, from the moment I attended my first consultation as an outpatient until I left two days later after surgery. If anyone is considering Mrs Kat for this procedure, do not hesitate for a moment, you will never regret it."


"From a very early age, in my twenties, I had wanted something done about my lack of a chin. I knew about the possibility of a chin implant but the time to do it never seemed right. Until last Summer, and by now I am in my 60's ! I went to see Mrs Kat at Edgebaston hospital and discussed everything with her. She advised me what would be the best to have to achieve the look I wanted. I chose to have an implant and a neck lift, the latter to enhance my new jaw line. I cannot recommend this procedure more, if anyone feels the same as I did, do not hesitate. I was looked after very well, felt no or very little discomfort and have recovered completely. My new look has filled me with confidence and changed my whole outlook on life. I am so happy I did it and can't thank Mrs Kat and her team enough."

J. G

"I had researched and discussed with a non-surgical cosmetic nurse upper and lower eyelid reduction. I booked botox and fillers with the same nurse for two years, always mentioning that my main concern was the loose skin and continually tired look around my eyes. Hesitant and nervous I put off for years arranging a consultation to proceed with surgery. During one appointment my regular nurse mentioned Mrs Kat’s work and clinic, saying she was highly respected and recommended. Mrs Kat’s recommendation stayed with me and I booked a consultation for eye surgery mid-2011. From my first meeting with Mrs Kat, the initial consultation, pre and after my operation, I received first-class care. All staff at the clinic and The Priory Hospital Edgbaston works to a high standard without losing a friendly and approachable manner. I would like to thank everyone who helped me through pre-op nerves two weeks before surgery, which took place on New Year’s Eve 2011. I was over the moon when I woke up after surgery, in no pain, with a lifted, refreshed look to welcome into the New Year 2012. As Mrs Kat explained during my consultation and following her instructions, bruises and scars healed well and very quickly. I continue to use Mrs Kat’s clinic for botox and expertise to maintain a healthy, realistic look for my age. I have no hesitation recommending CC Kat Aesthetics for non-surgical and surgical procedures."

L. Z

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