"I have struggled every day and night to cope with hyperhidrosis and odour all my teenage and adult life. In my younger days I bought very strong antiperspirants which made my underarms very sore. I was aloso prescribed special cream from vascular consultants, which also made my skin very sore. I had to choose certain fabrics to wear. I also had Botox injections privately, which were very costly and had to be repeated every 6 months. In my case, the sweaty odour returned before the 6 months was up. I then heard about Miradry from Mrs Kat. This treatments changed my life. Personally this has been, for me, a miracle. I no longer worry about odour and sweating. I no longer hanve to worry about antiperspirants. I can wear the clothes I want to wear. In my experience it took about 3 weeks for swelling and numbness to settle, but throughout I was dry and odour free. I wish this treatment was available when I was much younger. I no longer have to use antiperspirants. I find this a miracle. Yes I can and I will recommend the Miradry treatment to everyone with hyperhidrosis. I now feel confident because I am not worried about my sweating and odour problem. I no longer have to holdmy arms close to my body so no one can see the wet patches under my arms. Thank you Natasha and Kelly."


"Although I do not sweat excessively, I dislike that feeling of wetness in the armpit and it spoils my Armani suits! I chose to undergo the miraDry treatment as the promise is "The swet stops here!". My MiraDry Diary: Treatment Day - The marking out of the area to be treated was straight forward. Natasha, my nurse, administered the local anasthetic and I felt the needle prick at the four injection sites but the procedure was otherwise pain-free. With the armpits numbed, I did not feel any discomfort when treatment was carried out with the miraDry handpiece. The entire treatment took about an hour and I had some swelling in the arm pits to show for it. My hands tingled for an additional hour which I think is because of the local anaesthetic. Post Treatment Day 1: Minimal swelling and bruising as i had used icepacks overnight. Went to work as usual and it was a hectic day from 9am to 7pm. Had some pain for several hours which was relived by paracetomol. Noticed reduction in sweating. Post Treatment Day 2: Swelling subsiding. Minimal pain so no painkillers at all. One and a half hour drive to Cambridge to see my gorgeous godsons. Post Treatment Day 3: Swelling continued to subside. No obvious pain just a sense of being sore and tender. Played 18 hole golf with no problem (though the score wasn't great). 2 weeks post treatment, I noticed that I've stopped sweating completely on both sides. The soreness was minimal, more of an awareness that some treatment had been carried out. In summary, it was a mildly uncomfortable treatment where pain and discomfort settled quite quickly over a few days. There was no disruption to my work and social life. 2 weeks on and I am sweat-free! I would recommend the Miradry treatment to anyone who suffers from underarm sweating."

C. K

"As a regular client at CC Kat Aesthetics, I am always excited to hear about the new treatments the clinic is launching. Natasha introduced me to the idea of MiraDry, explaining that the treatment can reduce sweat production under the arms as well as hair growth with just one treatment. The loss of hair would have been tempting enough but to no longer sweat in this area was something I was not going to pass up. I split almost all of my time between two environments. My working life revolves around the beauty and holisitc salon. Work is busy, high paced and more often than not we keep thermostat high to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere for our clients. The industry I work in is obviously aesthetic led and I feel it important to always present our best possible image to the clients and sweat patches are not welcomed. With this in mind have always carefully chosen clothes to wear at work. Tops with close fitting sleeves in any colour other than black just won't work. The remainder of my time is spent at the gym. I train between one and three hours per day, five to six times a week. I have found that the fitter I have become, the more freely I sweat. I have been told this is common. Common or not, its a pain. I have had no real issue with sweating at the gym, other than the continual purchasing of deodrant. But the increased sweat production wasn't restricted to my work-outs and at work. Heavy sweating was often embarrassing when I was out socialising. Hence I was more than happy to give MiraDry a go on Natasha's recommendation. The treatment itself was reasonably comfortable. The main discomfort came from the need to entirely numb the area with local anaesthetic injections. I don't mind injections, but it did involve several injections so I think this would be the worst part of the procedure for people who do dislike them. Truthfully after the first couple the area is pretty numb anyway so you really can't feel the remainder. Once the area has been numbed the treatment itself can't be felt other than a gentle sucking and is really quite quick. I certainly felt no discomfort but Natasha, Kelly and Catherine assured me if I did the equipment is equiped to cool the area to prevent any real discomfort. I was sent away with some ice packs and told to take ibuprofen as needed and not to train for a day or two. Well, I went to the gym (sorry Natasha!) but didn't use my arms. Afterwards, I grabbed some new ice packs out of the freezer, tucked them under my arms and easily went to sleep. When I woke in the morning the area was slightly tender but I had no need for painkillers. I carried on with the ice packs for the day until I went to the gym later and tried not to use my arms too much (again, sorry Natasha). The most disruptive element to the recovery was how swollen the area was. This continued for the best part of a week and I wouldn't have wanted to have the area on the show but a careful clothing choice was all that was necessary. The area remained very slightly tender to the touch for a little while after the swelling reduced, but only very slightly. Six weeks on, I have not used deodorant once. My hair growth has almost entirely gone as well, with only one or two hairs coming through. The treatment has done exactly as it promised with one treatment. I can now wear tight-fitting white shirts with no concerns. The treatment causes only very minimal discomfort in my opinion and the results are fantastic. From discussing it with my own clients I know it is a common issue, especially with those of us who are particularly active or work in high-stress industries. I can wholeheartedly recommend MiraDry. Thank you to Mrs Kats team, Natasha, Kelly and Catherine for all of your expertise. "

S. B