“I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for what you have done for me. I shall be forever in your debt. Thank you so very much."


"During my youth I was always obese. Whilst my childhood years were good, I tried really hard to lose weight but nothing worked. When I was 19 I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I used this diagnosis to my advantage and through diet and exercise I lost 10 stone in 10 months. By my 21st birthday I was 10 stone. However I had been left with a massively deflated chest which had barely no breast tissue. I also had excess skin on my stomach, thighs and upper arms. In 2004 I decided that I wanted breast implants and I began to research surgeons in my area. I decided to book a consultation with CC Kat. From the very beginning I found Miss Kat to be extremely professional, approachable and knowledgeable about breast enhancement. I decided to book my operation and was extremely happy with everything from the pre op consultation, the care received, the operation, post operative care and most importantly the results. Over the next 13 years I have had each of my problem areas rectified through abdominal reduction, thigh lifts and most recently an upper arm reduction. Each time I returned to CC Kat to perform the surgery. The hospitals changed but the surgeon was always CC Kat. I trusted her, had enormous confidence in her abilities and have always been delighted by the results and the experience. In January 2017 I needed my original breast implants changing. After having 2 children, losing more weight and the aging process my implants were clearly visible and rippling. I believe this was a challenging procedureas I had very littlebreast tissue and muscle and thin skin. However, CC Kat replaced my implants under my muscle and was able to give me breast that not only look natural and don't ripple but also suit my frame. I can't recommend CC Kat and her team enough, I only have positive things to say about my experiences and would definitely return to CC if I require any further procedures. I now have no excess skin, a great bust and all thanks to CC Kat. "

N. J