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Mole Removal Birmingham

At Kat & Co, Mole Removal is quick and easy - simply upload images of your mole(s) and our team will get back to you with a quote. Not a mole? Our team can also treat warts, cysts and lipomas!
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Local Anaesthetic

Why book mole removal at Kat & Co Birmingham?

Opting for Kat & Co Birmingham for your mole removal is a commitment to prioritising top-tier healthcare that centres around your well-being. Our adept and highly proficient medical teams invest time in comprehending your worries and aspirations. Whether you're seeking mole removal for aesthetic purposes or have concerns about their appearance or changes in size, color, shape, or texture, Kat & Co places exceptional patient care as its core ethos.

Whether it's a matter of personal preference or a health-related concern, you can place your trust in our consultant plastic surgeons to provide the finest mole removal services. Our specialists possess extensive experience in assessing moles for potential skin cancer indicators. After removal, our experts can offer guidance on follow-up mole checks or any necessary treatment. By choosing Kat & Co, you become part of the community of countless satisfied clients who have received successful treatment with us.

With a variety of mole removal methods at your disposal at Kat & Co Edgbaston, Birmingham, you can confidently rely on our expert teams to achieve optimal results.

Mole removal methods

At our specialist mole clinic, you will be assessed by our team of consultant plastic surgeons or dermatologist who will advise you of the best method of treatment. We offer the following methods for mole removal:

  • Surgical excision using a CO2 laser
  • Shaving
  • Excision with a knife

The technique selected for you will depend on your age, your skin type, the size of the mole and the location.

We also offer a 'see and treat' service where the mole or other benign lesion can be removed at the same session as the consultation. This is ideal for patients with a busy lifestyle and if you require this service, inform the clinic at the time of booking that you would like to book a see & treat appointment.

Laser removal

The CO2 laser procedure is commonly known as laser ablation of moles. It is painless after the initial local anaesthetic injection. The laser essentially vaporises the mole, leaving behind a shallow crater which will heal over 1 - 2 weeks depending on the location. This technique is particularly useful for multiple moles or other benign lesions on the face or the body as stitching is unnecessary.

Shave removal

Shaving or laser ablation of your mole is a simple and painless procedure you may wish to choose if your mole sticks out from your skin. During this treatment, our plastic surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic and simply shave the protruding part of the mole with a blade or with the CO2 laser. The area will then be cauterized to prevent bleeding, and we reduce the risk of infection using a topical antibiotic. You may have a pink mark in the mole’s place but this will fade in time.

Surgical excision

Excision is more suitable for large moles where regrowth is a concern. Surgical excision is performed under a local anaesthetic, removing the mole itself as well as a small area of the surrounding skin. The excision is then closed with a stitch which will leave a small scar that fades over time.

How much does mole removal cost?

See & Treat consultations for mole removal are free with a £50 refundable deposit. If you attend your appointment, but decide not to go ahead with the procedure, this deposit will be refunded. If you do not attend your appointment, you will lose the £50 deposit.

Treatment costs:

Shave Excision (One Mole)


Surgical Excision (One Mole)


Additional Mole/Lesion(s)


Histology (If required)

£130 per mole/lesion

What are the risks of mole removal?

In general, mole removal is a safe and effective procedure with a low risk of complications. However, as with any surgery, there is a small risk of infection, bleeding, scarring, and nerve damage.‍

What is the recovery like?

After the procedure, you may experience some redness, swelling, and mild discomfort at the site of the mole removal. Most people are able to return to their normal activities immediately after the procedure, but your doctor will provide you with specific post-procedure instructions.

Mole Removal Before & Afters

The before and after examples below show only a small selection of our amazing mole removal results. Your surgeon will be able to show you more examples in your consultation.

FREE Online Mole Assessment

Your Mole Removal Journey At Kat & Co

Online Examination

Simple upload an image(s) of your mole/lesion and provide a description of their size and location.

Suitability & Quote

Our surgeons will assess your mole(s) and provide you with a quote and recommended removal option.

Book Your Appointment

Call the clinic on 0121 456 7930 to arrange your face-to-face consultation & treatment.

Consultation & Treatment

Your surgeon will provide a comprehensive in-person examination and run you through the potential surgical options and risks. Treatment can be performed in the same appointment.

Follow-up Appointment

1 week follow-up appointment with your surgeon to discuss your healing and results.

Final Results

You will see your final result around 12 weeks after surgery, but your scars will continue to improve over 18 months.

Mole Removal Reviews

Hundreds of happy patients have had their surgery with Kat & Co. Check out what a few of them have to say:

I am writing to let you know that my scar from my mole removal is barely noticeable! I can’t believe how well it has healed, especially as I scar terribly normally! Thank you for doing such a superb job!

I would just like to say thank you to you and your team. You were very kind and I appreciate it very much. PS I absolutely loved the clinic

Thank you very much for removing the mole off my forehead. I am so grateful that it is now gone after all these years and I am thrilled with the result at the moment, and knowing it is going to get even better is fabulous news. Thank you again.

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