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Tattoo Removal Birmingham

Surgery is a cost effective and simple alternative to laser tattoo removal using excision or skin grafting.
Prices from £1,055
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Tattoo Removal Surgery
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Tattoo Removal Surgery in Birmingham

ProcedureFees Post-Operative Instructions

Surgical tattoo removal refers to the process of physically excising or cutting out the tattooed skin to eliminate the presence of the ink. There are different surgical methods used for tattoo removal, including excision and skin grafts.

  1. Excision: In this method, the tattooed skin is surgically removed, and the surrounding skin is then stitched together. This technique is often used for smaller tattoos where direct closure of the wound is feasible.
  2. Skin Grafting: For larger tattoos or those in challenging areas, a skin graft may be employed. This involves removing the tattooed skin and replacing it with a piece of skin, usually taken from another area of the body (donor site). The donor skin is then grafted onto the excised area and secured in place.

Surgical tattoo removal is typically considered for situations where laser removal may not be as effective or practical. Factors such as the size, location, and characteristics of the tattoo, as well as individual preferences and medical considerations, influence the choice between surgical and non-surgical methods. It's important to consult with a qualified and experienced surgeon to discuss the most suitable approach based on specific circumstances and desired outcomes.

Surgical Tattoo Removal V.S. Laser Tattoo Removal

While laser technology has developed and advanced, laser tattoo removal may not be a suitable option due to cost, availability of the nature of the tattoo. Surgery may be an alternative.

Quick Results: Surgical methods such as excision can provide quicker results in some cases, particularly for smaller tattoos.

Alternative Techniques: Surgical removal offers alternative techniques, such as excision or skin grafts, allowing for flexibility in addressing various tattoo types and sizes.

Single Procedure: Depending on the size and nature of the tattoo, some surgical methods may require only a single procedure to achieve removal.

Tattoo Removal procedure

Procedure Time

0.5 - 1 hours



Nights in Hospital


Pain and Discomfort

1 - 3 days

Risks - Common

Bruising, Swelling, Redness

Risks - Uncommon

Infection, Excessive Scarring, Asymmetry, Bleeding, Delayed Wound Healing,
Residual Tattoo Pigment

Follow-up Appointments

1 week

Time Off Work

0 days

Sports and Exercise

2 weeks - walking, 4 weeks - everything


12 weeks until final result

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal starts from £1,026 depending on the size of the tattoo. Please get in touch to confirm your fee. All patients will require a consultation prior to surgery to assess your individual requirements and desires.

Small (less than 2 cm)

From £1,055

Medium (2 to 4 cm)

From £1,330

Large (more than 4 cm)

From £1,928

Complex (more than 10 cm)

From £2,618

Tattoo Removal Recovery

Instructions on discharge
  • The local anaesthetic will wear off approximately 1 hour after the procedure.
  • Paracetamol can be taken once the local anaesthetic has worn off.
  • If the surgery was to the head, sleep with the head slightly elevated on a few pillows for the first week and avoid bending with the head down.
Dressings Clinic
  • No restrictions but avoid strenuous activities for the first week.
  • No restrictions but avoid strenuous activities for the first week.
Wound Care
  • The wound can be very gently washed and then pat dry.
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