"The clinic was very friendly and I received a warm welcome. It was spotlessly clean and pleasant. I was very impressed with Dr Kat he made me feel very at ease. All the staff were really friendly- especially the reception staff. I would consider going back and would certainly recommend others to do so."

V. T

"Perfect in every aspect. I would recommend to anyone. My life has been changed for the better since meeting Mrs Kat and her very professional team."

N. T

"I had anti-wrinkle injections as a pre-surgery treatment. I would not have considered it otherwise.I was a little nervous but the results are astonishing- no more frown lines , no more frowning! Dr Kat was great, making me feel comfortable and relaxed- I'll be back for a top up! "

L. D

"My experience with CC Kat Aesthetics has been more than I hoped for, the results of my anti-wrinkle injections and fillers were great and the staff ( all of them) are lovely and very helpful and put my mind at rest with any problem I anticipated. The aftercare is constant, which I found important and the facials are a delight."

M. M

"I am a 48-year-old male and have become increasingly self-conscious of the frown lines in my forehead and between my eyes which makes me look tired. I wanted a treatment that would freshen my appearance but not look obvious. The anti-wrinkle injection treatment from CC Kat Aesthetics was perfect. The procedure took 20 mins. I was able to return to work immediately as the redness only lasted an hour. The effect was obvious from about day 3. Everyone comments on how much better I look without knowing the real reason. I would recommend this to everyone, especially men who want a subtle improvement in their appearance."

H. K

"Thanks to the skill and expertise of the practitioners and also the superb products used (Fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections), my appearance now looks refreshed and rejuvenated. I am so pleased with the results, I have recommended the CC Kat Clinic to my friends and family. The clinic is exquisite and ultra-modern and the staff are highly professional."

C. R

"After much research, I chose this clinic because of the knowledgable and professional attitude of the staff when I'd telephoned to discuss the treatment. My experience over a course of three anti-wrinkle injection treatments has been excellent. Natasha, in particular, has been wonderful and I can't recommend her highly enough."

C. S