Kat & Co’s Approach to Liposuction – SAFELipo

Liposuction is one of our most popular procedure at Kat & Co, due to its versatility and effectiveness. Liposuction is also less invasive than excisional procedures, allowing for significant fat reduction without obvious scarring. Due to this unprecedented demand, Kat & Co have restructured the fees for liposuction to make them more competitive and affordable for our patients

For the majority of patients, Liposuction (SAFELipo) will provide the results that you require. Vaser Liposuction is necessary if you are after a more defined result but it may not suit everyone.

The SAFELipo Approach

SAFELipo is a revolutionary approach to liposuction which allows aggressive liposuction whilst reducing the trauma to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels. This has the combined benefit of improving the safety of the procedure, reducing the risk of complications, and creating a more natural and even contour.

It is particularly effective for circumferential/360degree liposuction of the neck,  arms, trunk, thighs and calves.

The SAFELipo procedure is split into a 3-step process:

  1. Separation – The fat cells are separated from the surrounding tissue using a power assisted vibratory tool (PAL) and specialised cannulas. No suction is used at this stage, reducing the trauma to the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. Tumescent fluid is injected first to numb the area and reduce recovery time.
  2. Aspiration – Suction is used to remove the fat through thin cannulas. The previous separation stage means that the fat is free from the surrounding tissue and can be more easily removed. This also reduces the suction effect on the surrounding tissue which can cause contour irregularity and reduces the associated bruising, swelling, scarring and further complications.
  3. Fat equalisation – Following the aspiration stage, a small amount of subcutaneous fat will be left over. Fat equalisation cannulas spread out this fat to create a smooth, thin layer. This reduces contour irregularities, such as bumps and grooves, and creates an even, natural appearance.

Liposuction Fees

Kat & Co have restructured the fees for liposuction, making the procedure more attainable whilst maintaining the highest standards of care. Our liposuction surgeons are highly experienced at performing the SAFELipo technique with natural results.

Liposuction 1 area (1 hour) e.g. neck or half abdomen or flanks – From £3,680

Liposuction 2 areas (1.5 hours) e.g. full abdomen – From £4,800

Liposuction 3 areas (2 hours) e.g. full abdomen + flanks – From £5,900

Liposuction 4 areas (3 hours) e.g. full abdomen + flanks + lower back – From £7,400

Liposuction 5 areas (4 hours) e.g. full abdomen + flanks + whole back – From £9,000

More Information

To find out more about liposuction and to view our SAFELipo before and after photos, view our liposuction page here.

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