Permanent cosmetics (also known as micropigmentation or semi permanent make up), is designed to provide a low maintenance alternative to conventional daily application. Using a very fine needle, pharmaceutical grade pigment is implanted into the skin to create a haze colour. Eyebrows can be redesigned and sparse areas filled in with a natural hair stoke technique. Perfect eyeliner can be applied, lip liner and blending creates symmetry, colour and definition to pale or thin lips. Enhancements can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire.

Permanent cosmetics is for people wanting enhancements to their make-up, hypopigmentation from scarring and nipple areola pigmentation post-reconstruction surgery.

The procedure takes 1.5 hours for the initial application, a top-up is conducted 4-8 weeks later which takes about 1 hour and allows fine tuning of colour and shape.

Permanent cosmetics will fade gradually over 1-3 years depending on skin type, darkness of pigment colour, medication and aftercare. A colour boost is recommended every 12-18 months.

A patch test is required prior to application to test for allergic reaction. The area may be swollen or red for a few hours following the procedure. Mineral make-up can be used if required.


Operation time

0.5 - 2 hrs



Risks - common

bleeding, swelling, colour fading

Risks - uncommon

uneven colour, asymmetry

Pain and discomfort

minimal at time of procedure


2 weeks

Time off

1 day


1 week after redness and swelling have settled

Visit our FAQs page for more information regarding the surgery.

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Part Brow (tail ends or brow bulb) £295
Powdered Brow, Reshape or filling gaps  £395
Full Redesign - Natural hair Stroke £495
Eyeliner Intense (liquid effect) Shaded or Latino £495
Lip Contour Fine Liner £395
Lip Contour with colour blend/part blush £495
Lip Contour/Full Lip Blush £595
Beauty Spots £75
Cheeks or above Top Lip £60
Skin Recolouration - Vitiligo, Burn Relaxation £175
Breast Re-Pigmentation (one breast) £395
Breast Re-Pigmentation ( both breasts) £695
Areola Enlargement / Recolouration/ Scars £245
Colour Revitalise Procedure ( taken 9-12 months) £245
Removal Procedures per session £175