Smartxide DOT uses a CO2 laser system which treats tiny areas or "islands" of skin tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, resulting in a much speedier healing time, compared to conventional ablative laser treatment.

The treatment encourages the development of new collagen during the healing process, offering a tighter, more toned overall appearance. In addition to treating wrinkles, lines and scarring, DOT therapy is a great option for skin renewal and rejuvenation, improving skin's texture and firmness.

Treatment programmes are individually designed to suit the nature and severity of the skin defects. Each treatment session takes about 30 minutes. Anaesthetic cream, oral medications and nerve block injections are used for pain control.

Post-treatment redness only lasts a few days and the use of suitable sunscreen and moisturiser is needed for a short period of time after the treatment.

Increased skin tone and fading of skin marks may occur as early as after the first treatment. As the laser stimulates collagen production, progressive improvement of the skin continues for at least six months after the last treatment.

The Smartxide laser applied specifically to the eyelids gives a dramatic improvement and has been termed the "Madonna Lift".
The Smartxide Micro Laser Peel uses a lighter setting to create an exfoliating effect, at the same time using the heat energy to stimulate collagen regeneration and destroy pigmentation. The effect is a more youthful and clearer skin but with shorter downtime.

The cost of this treatment starts from £600 per area and £1000 for full face and £2500 for a course of 3.


When applied to acne scars, surgical scars etc, the laser has the effect of removing the damaged layer of skin and encouraging new collagen and elastic fibres to regenerate. This usually requires a course of 3 treatments at 2 to 3 month intervals.



Operation time 20 mins - 1 hr
Anaesthesia topical
Nights in hospital day case
Risks - common swelling, redness, fluid ooze pain
Risks - uncommon scarring, infection
Pain and discomfort a few hours
Follow-up 2 weeks, 6 weeks
Time off work 3 days - 2 weeks
Sports 2 weeks - walking 4 weeks - everything
Result 6 weeks until final result


CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing From £600

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