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Co2 Laser resurfacing Reviews

CO2 laser is a proven tool for skin rejuvenation. It is also excellent for improving scars from surgery, trauma or conditions like acne.
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Laser Skin Resurfacing Testimonials

"At my Consultation with Mrs Kat in 2012, i found her professional, approachable and importantly to me, she listened to my needs concerning a face lift. After her examination, discussion and advice; also addressing all complications that could occur, i decided to go ahead. I booked into Spire Little Aston Hospital, undergoing a surgical face and neck lift and fat transfer. My recovery was uneventful, quicker than i had anticipated, with minimal swelling and bruising for such an extensive procedure. The result- i at last looked my actual age of 68 yeards ( I previously felt and been judged to look in my mid 70's) I was fresher, younger but was still me - I was Delighted. At my first consultation, Mrs Kat had advised sessions with the C02 (Smartxide) Laser Post surgey, to improve skin texture, wrinkles and to fade large areas of brown sun damage. Consequently, in February 2013, I attended the clinic, met with Dr Kat, who began the laser treatment. The Procedure was quite intensive and uncomfortable but manageable with anaesthetic cream and dental injections. However it did improve and firm areas around my eyes and cheeks. Dr Kat then explained and suggested trying the V-Beam laser for sun damaged areas. It is now August 2013, i have had 2 sessions with the V-Beam laser which was totally pain free and eliminated the stubborn sun damaged areas- It's Amazing! I have so much respect and confidence in my two consultants, who are not only excellent in their advise and procedures but genuine, caring people too. Thank you both so much !!"


"Having just finished my course of CO2 Laser I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the finished results. My problem started after 30 years of smoking & sunning my face (none of which I now do) the wrinkles around my eyes and the deep lines around my mouth were getting worse and I knew something had to be done. Mrs Kat introduced me to this laser treatment. The treatment itself was slightly uncomfortable but pain wise very little, thanks to the numbing cream and the dental block injections. My face was very messy for the first few days but within a week it was all cleared up, (You need to have a few days where you have no social engagements). The lines and wrinkles have decreased by about 90%, my skin is so soft and looks lovely and fresh and more even textured, people are noticing the difference and asking me what I have done. The clinic itself is very smart and clean, Dr Kat and all the girls are so lovely and friendly. So I would just like to say a big Thank-you to all of them and… You’re Simply The Best….Better Than All The Rest."


"After a careful discussion with Mrs Kat about how to address a few very fine lines around the lips, I decided to have a course of Smartxode CO2 Micro Laser Treatment.I gave this a great deal of thought as I wanted the most natural result. I am naturally cautious person, I've always used the best quality skincare products, and I've had no other cosmetic procedure apart from the occasional standard facial in a beauty salon. I underestimated the intensity of my reaction to the treatment and the subsequent downtime. In the first few days I was shocked and surprised at the amount of swelling, puffiness, redness and general discomfort which I experienced. I am told that some people may not react as strongly. After two treatments I am quite delighted with the result. Any fine lines have been greatly reduced or completely disappeared. I notice daily that my skin is smoother, firmer, the texture refined and I have a more even skin tone. There has been a most definite firming and lifting effect. I now welcome and look forward to my third treatment."


"I was so unhappy with my tired aged appearance, I had brown spots on my skin,deep lines, it was generally awful. I came to see Mrs Kat who recommended the Smartxide Co2 laser to me. I had three treatments at Mrs Kat's clinic in Birmingham. The discomfort was not as bad as I thought as I had the anaesthetic cream and some dental injections (these were a little uncomfortable). I can honestly say that the laser treatment wasn't too bad ( I did have a couple of 'blind spots' that were sensitive!) overall it was quite painless! After the treatment the nurse put on the cooling mask which I feel really helped with the healing and it definitely took away the hot sensation. I did remain pink for around 4 days but this was manageable. Thank you Mrs Kat my face is now looking great, the results of the lines around my mouth are virtually gone and my overall skin tone is brilliant. My age spots have also disapeared. I feel the mild discomfort and downtime is worth it and would recommend to anyone."


"I had the CO2 laser on my face, I found it was a bit painful but the results were definately worth it! Mrs CC Kat was very professional and an excellent doctor to be recommended!"


"I would like to thank Lisa, Dr and Mrs Kat and of course the rest of the team for the excellent care I have received over the last few weeks. It certainly made things a lot more comfortable for me and I am very happy so far with the results."

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