Retinol Vitamin A Antioxidants in Skincare

Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative, has small enough molecules to penetrate the epidermis to reach the skin receptors to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin. These are the core building blocks for healthy skin.

Good quality retinol products are formulated to maximise the penetration of retinoic acid to reduce the signs of ageing (like fine lines and wrinkles), sun damage and age spots.

The following are some of the FAQs I get from some patients:

How to use?

Be prepared for some reaction; most people develop varying degree of redness, flaking and irritation, typically 3 to 4 days after staying on the products. This is entirely normal and will eventually settle with continuing use. I would normally start my clients on a lower strengh product and step up gradually in terms of amount and frequency of usage (number of days per week and number of times per day)


Can I still exfoliate?

Absolutely yes. Exfoliation will actually help improve the penetration and absorption of retinols, but obviously shoulld not be done if the skin is significantly sensitive and irritated from retinol reaction.


Im going on holiday, should i stop using retinol?

I probably wouldnt recommend starting retinol skincare during a holiday mainly because of the possible reaction. However there is no reason to stop if you are already using retinol products.

In either case, please exercise good skincare.


Is Retinol good for spots and large pores?

Yesto both.

Retinol encourages skin repair, cell turnover and exfoliation and also reduces sebum production. Its therefore very useful in the managment of acne. 

Reduced oiliness of the skin combined with improved elasticity should also lead to reduced pore sizes.


We use a range of retinol products at our clinic which allow us to set up bespoke skincare programmes for our patients.


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