Fat Transfer(Grafting) under Local Anaesthesia


Fat transfer(grafting) is a well established technique for restoring volume, improving contours, correcting surgically-induced defects such as liposuction deformities and lumpectomy “dents” and rejuvenating skin and underlying tissues using one’s own body fat.  

A major component of aging is loss of subcutaneous volume (fat under the skin). Restoration of that volume with fat or fillers rather than simply pulling and lifting (as is common in the traditional facelift) is the best way to achieve a more youthful appearance. One’s own body fat can be used to enhance and sharpen the jaw line, fill in hollows around the eyes, make the cheekbones more prominent and fill in lines, wrinkles and folds.

The main advantages of the technique are :

  • Removing fat from an area where it is not desired and putting it in an area where it’s volumising effect is useful.
  • Almost an unlimited amount availaible.
  • Results that can last for years.
  • The stem cells within the fat secrete a variety of growth factors that rejuvnates the overlying skin resulting in a visible difference to the quality and appearance of the overlying skin

I have been using the technique over the past 12 years and have seen excellent results for facial(including lips and nose) volumising, recontouring and rejuvenation, breast contour volumising and other contouring problems. The main drawback has been the cost involved.

We can now offer the procedure under local anaesthesia at our dedicated minor operating theatre at CC Kat Aesthetics which makes the treatment more affordable. I am delighted with this as I believe this to be one of the major advancements in aesthetic treatments over the past decade. 

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Mrs CC Kat is a leading Midlands Consultant Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She is a full member of both British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and British Association of Aesthetic , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) as well as several international aesthetic surgery associations. She worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust but now runs her private practice, CC Kat Aesthetics – Birmingham Laser, Skin and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, full time. For more information, visit www.cckat.com or call 0845 373 

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