Dr Simon Khela

Consultant Private GP

Dr Simon Khela is an experienced Private GP and former executive director of a private practice, with a special interest in Sport and Exercise Medicine. He studied at the University of Leicester and University of Birmingham, and is passionate about helping patients heal from complex, chronic illnesses by utilising a full spectrum of healing methods and the most advanced therapies and protocols. To do this, hei s currently studying for his Fellowship in Metabolic and Functional Medicine. He believes in preventative and personalised medicine, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

More recently, Dr Khela has been working in medical technology to bring healthcare to the masses, through telemedicine, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. He is the Chief Operating Officer of HyperHealth, a MedTech telemedicine application. Dr Khela is passionate about digital technology & its potential to transform medicine and the provision of healthcare in a sustainable way.

Simon enjoys going to the gym, reading and following his team, West Bromwich Albion. 

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