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Kat & Co’s vision is to be recognised as a world class medical and cosmetic healthcare provider. To bring together the best people who are dedicated to developing excellent clinical environments and delivering the highest quality patient care. Part of this vision, ensuring we have the best, most-dedicated people, requires us to train and inspire the next generation of surgeons, doctors and nurses. We are proud to offer mentorship programmes on behalf of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, and Birmingham City University. Kat & Co’s position as the leading daycase cosmetic surgery provider in Birmingham provides us with a unique opportunity to offer these mentorships, and the feedback we have received reinforces the importance of our investment in the future.

Feedback from Miss Maria Chasapi – Our BAAPS Trainee

“The mentorship at Kat and Co has been an invaluable experience and once in a career opportunity to work with and learn from a leader in the field of aesthetic surgery.

The team was very welcoming, flexible, and accommodating. The clinic provided an excellent exposure to a broad range of aesthetic procedures from facial aesthetics to body contouring with a focus on facelifts, abdominoplasties, VASER liposuction and augmentation-mastopexies. Alongside the busy and varied theatre lists there has been ample opportunity to attend clinics and gain insight into the nuances of the various and challenging aspects of aesthetic surgery, patient selection and patient management.

The highlight, however, of my training at Kat&Co and the biggest learning point for me, was yours and your team’s professionalism. During my training until now, I have worked in several institutions (both NHS and private) across the country, but I must admit that I was really impressed by the exceptional standards and practices I have observed at Kat&Co. It is evident to me, that your clinic’s commitment to safety, effectiveness, leadership, responsibility, and, most importantly, patient care, sets a benchmark in the healthcare industry.

Safety is paramount in healthcare, and I was deeply impressed by the rigorous safety measures, you have implemented at Kat &Co. Your clinic’s proactive approach to infection control, local anesthetic safety and adherence to WHO checklist are truly commendable.

The effectiveness of the medical services provided at Kat&Co is nothing short of exemplary. The healthcare professionals under your employ exhibit a remarkable degree of expertise, professionalism, and compassion. It is clear that your team’s collective knowledge and commitment to staying abreast of the latest medical advancements ensure that patients receive the best care possible. I have witnessed first-hand the positive outcomes and patient satisfaction that result from the care provided by your clinic. Twilight anaesthesia and its advantages including quick recovery and reduced morbidity is the perfect example.

Leadership within your organisation is a shining paradigm of visionary management. Your clinic’s leadership team’s dedication to fostering an environment of continuous improvement, innovation, and patient-centered care is truly admirable. You have successfully cultivated a culture that inspires both staff and patients alike. This type of leadership is instrumental in elevating the standard of healthcare delivery.

Responsibility is a core value that permeates every facet of Kat&Co. Your staff’s sense of duty and accountability is evident in their every action, from prompt and accurate record-keeping to their willingness to go above and beyond to meet patient needs. This level of responsibility translates into a level of trust that is invaluable to patients seeking care at your clinic.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, your clinic’s genuine care and concern for patients shine through in every interaction. The empathy and compassion demonstrated by your healthcare professionals create an atmosphere of comfort and support, making the healthcare journey less daunting for the patients.”

Feedback from a Student Nurse SC at Birmingham City University

Do you think we are safe?

Yes, very safe. I took part in a simulated emergency scenario where the team responded immediately to a pretend patient who had become unresponsive post-surgical procedure. What was good about the scenario was the speed to responding, the co-ordination of care and communication skills involved in looking after the deteriorating patient during a (hypothetical) potentially life-threatening situation. They did this by working as a team and putting their skills into action which enabled smooth and successful care of the patient safety.

Do you think we are responsive?

Yes, very responsive. The reception staff are always on hand immediately to answer questions, whether they were based around clinical information, identification cards, name badges, tea, and coffee, or simply ordering a taxi. The clinical team are readily available to answer questions regarding types of surgery, medications, dosages, anatomy and physiology, clinical assessments, planning, implementing, and evaluating care pre and post operation.

Do you think we are caring?

Yes, very caring. Kat & Co welcomed me to the clinic as student nurse. I felt fully supported and looked after throughout my placement experience and have been treated like part of the family. The same goes for the patients who it seems return to practice for additional procedures due to the high-quality of care and craftmanship they receive from CC and the team. What was lovely was seeing the team talk patients not just about body image goals but their families, lifestyle, fashion, friends, and pets. The clinic always has a nice vibe, a happy feeling, and a friendly atmosphere.

Do you think we are well led?

Yes, very well led. During the time that I have been a student with the multi-disciplinary team clearly showed a huge amount of professionalism, enthusiasm, discipline, and determination to be the best at what they do. CC leads the team with substance, style, and loving passion.

Do you think we are effective?

Yes, very effective. I believe that Kat & Co provide an outstanding service because their ultimate goal is to deliver gold standard care. They do this by promoting good health and implementing lifechanging health for the purpose of improving quality of life. The treatment and support they provide is of high standard, evidence based, and person-centred. They use best practice, governed legislation, and state of the art technology. Staff are experts in healthcare and have been sourced from a variety of medical, surgical, and clinical settings which combined with knowledge and experience enables exemplary outcomes and people living healthier lives.

Thank you to Kat & Co for this amazing work experience.”

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