Environ Top Tips for healthy skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It is our barrier from the enviroment protecting us from free radical and bacteria. For skin to be healthy it has to be strong and compact. The key to healthy skin is a holistic approach and variety.


Ideally your skin should shed old skin cells to reveal newer cells about once a month however age and other contributing factors inhibit this.

Our cell renewal factor changes as we age:

Babies: 14 days

Teenagers – 21 – 28 days

Middle ages – 28 – 42 days

50 + – 42 – 84 days

As we ages we lose our ‘glow’ due to a build up of dead cells on the surface.

We encouraging mild exfoliation as part of a daily skin care regimne to prevent buildup of dead cells and pore blockages. Clients who suffer with breakouts, exfoliation is a key step in their home care routine it is the key to keeping pores unclogged and increaseing your skins turnover rate.

Products such as Environs Sebuwash and Sebutone part of the B-Active range conatin AHA’S (Alpha Hydroxi Acids, also known as fruit acids) and are prime examples of daily exfoliation. They losen the intracellular glue that holds the dead cells together on the surface. When continued for a period of a few months it leads to effective gentle, gradual enhanced cell renewal rate which exposes healthier cells withy less sun damage. This means brighter complexion, lighter areas of pigmentation and less obvious fine lines.


Healthy Diet:

Health for skin is not only aided through topical application of products. Think about feeding your skin from within. A healthy diet keeps your body in shape and fit but its impact dont stop there.

The food you eat – from wrinkle fighting anti-oxidants in fruit and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish may matter to your skin almost as much as it does your waist line.


Removal of make-up:

Do you always remove your makeup before bed? you should the impact and importance is huge.

At night your skin is fueled with oxygen for cell regeneration and repair. Having makeup on the face clogges the pores and is the cause of many imperfections.

Throughout the day your makeup absorbs pollution, free radicals and bacteria. This hinders your skins chance to breathe and regenerate through the night.  Free radicals can make your skin age faster and cause cellular damage.

A good cleanser can make a huge difference. We recomened before you cleanse you should always start with theEnviron Pre Cleansing Oil. Its an oil based pre cleanser which is mainly derived from plants. It disolves excess oils, impurities and makeup whilst decongesting pores and hydrating skin. Regular use will enhance the apperance and texture of your skin.


sleep: A good nights sleep is essential for healthy skin. Skin that is sleep deprived lacks in vital nutrients and recieves limited oxygen in comparison to a full night of sleep. Ideally 7-8 hours is sufficient for the average adult

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