A recent advert launched by TENA for incontinence underwear has caused a stir for implying the condition is “normal and expected” after childbirth.

The advert was widely criticised by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) for not highlighting to mothers that treatment for the condition is available.  

The RCN said in their letter to the Advertising Standards Authority Watchdog  “Incontinence is known to be under-reported due to the embarrassment experienced by women living with the condition.

“But the Tena Silhouette advert inaccurately portrays that it is normal to be incontinent post-childbirth, providing no data to support the claim and with no acknowledgment that there is treatment available.” *

At Kat & Co we understand that incontinence isn’t just linked to new moms and can happen at any stage of your life and we also understand the stigma attached to talking openly about this condition and the effect it can have on women’s lives.

That is why we have invested in the revolutionary incontinence treatment – The Emsella Chair, which provides a non-invasive approach to helping your incontinence issues.

One session on the Emsella Chair takes 30 minutes and can give you up to 12,000 pelvic floor contractions, helping you to super-strengthen your pelvic floor each time. And the best part about this treatment? It’s non-invasive and you can remain fully-clothed. Here’s our Gynaecologist Poonam Pradhan talking about this amazing treatment.

If you suffer from any form of incontinence or know someone who does, call us on 0121 456 7930 to discuss how the Emsella Chair can help you to live life to the full and stop suffering in silence.

Here’s what a recent patient had to say about her experience of the Emsella Chair and how much it has changed her life!

For more information visit our Emsella page here

*The Advertising Standards Authority said the advert had not broken any rules, so it would not take action. In response, TENA denied any wrongdoing but confirmed it would amend its adverts.



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