PRP for dark circles

Having dark circles around the eyes is a common concern we hear from patients. There are various causes for these dark circles:

  • shadow effect from eye bags or hollow 
  • vascular congestion: the skin on the eye lids is the thinnest in the body and sluggish blood flow in the area will show as a dark coloration
  • pigmentation, a common problem among patients with darker skin types. 

The treatment of this problem is in addressing the cause(s). Eye bag surgery and use of fillers can be part of the management. In addressing the issues of pigmentation and vascular congestion, we have seen very good results with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood. This super concentrated portion of plasma is rich in growth factors and cytokinins with regenerative properties. PRP has been in used in other branches of medicine like orthopaedics for more than 30 years because of its rejuvenative and regenerative properties. 

Treatment of dark circles with PRP is a simple office procedure (add link to web page).A sample of the patient’s blood is taken and centrifuged to obtain the PRP. 1 ml is injected around each eyes in small boluses with the remainder injected into the wider area using the MesoGun (add link to web page).

Below is an  image of a patient treated with PRP:




I believe these improvements are achieved through a thickening/strengthening of the skin and improvement in the blood circulation of the area treated. These convincing results have made the treatment of peri orbital dark circles my favourite indication for using PRP.



Mrs  CC Kat is a leading Midlands Consultant Plastic Surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She is a full member of both British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and British Association of Aesthetic , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) as well as several international aesthetic surgery associations. She worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust but now runs her private practice, CC Kat Aesthetics – Birmingham Laser, Skin and Cosmetic Clinic, full time. For more information, visit or call 0121 456 7930.


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Tamara Burkett

1 year ago

I’m interested in having the prp treatment I de the eyes how much dose it cost

Kat&Co Team

1 year ago

Hi Tamara, click here for out fee guide -
or book a free mini chat with Dr Ana, our lead Aesthetic Doctor. she will be able to talk you through the procedure and costs – click here –



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