Our therapists experience so far on Miradry

“The MiraDry is new to the UK and our clinic is one of the “early adopters” providing this treatment which uses microwave technology to treat axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating).

As the only clinic in Birmingham with Miradry, we are seeing patients from the Midlands and beyond seeking treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis. Many of these patients have tried other treatments which have failed to provide long term improvements while others are simply tired of having to live with and around the problem.

Typically, patients with excessive underarm sweating have to endure and manage the inconveniences, embarrassment and limitations caused by the condition. Having to avoid jobs involving the wearing of dark uniforms and having to wear a sweater year round to hide sweat spots are examples of the impairments. Most of our patients come hopeful of improvement, having read about the efficacy of the treatment. One described how even a small improvement would feel like a miracle.

From the therapists point of view, the Miradry treatment is straight forward and fairly easy to carry out. Most patients are extremely comfortable and relaxed during the treatment because of the local anesthesia. The treatment itself takes about an hour to carry out and a good number of patients drive themselves home after the treatment.

What makes the Miradry such a great treatment to carry out is the very high patient satisfaction rate. Although some patients may need up to two treatments for satisfactory improvement, all of our patients to date have seen enough reduction in their underarm sweating with single treatments. In addition, many of them are also enjoying a reduction in underarm hair and odour as an added bonus.

We have taken on the Miradry because of its impressive performance and records in the States. And it looks like its winning streak is set to continue across the pond”.

Kelly Umbers & Catherine Padgett

Skin Therapists, CC Kat Aesthetics.

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