One stitch face lift

As we age, the effects of gravity take their toll on the face and can cause a youthful V-shaped jaw line to turn into more of a U-shape during middle age. Gravity seems to draw the face down in addition to the muscles and facial expressions we use (smiling / frowning) pulling down on the skin.

This form of surgery is ideal for individuals who do not feel like they need or want a full face lift, but have noticed changes to their faces (like sagging skin around the jowl area) that they would like to alter.

The ‘onestitch face lift’ is the latest in facial rejuvenation and can be performed without the need for general anaesthetic. This procedure offers patients the chance to achieve a fresher more youthful, lifted look without having a full face lift.

The ‘one stitch’ procedure is less invasive than that of a full face lift and can be carried out under local anaesthetic which reduces many of the risks associated with surgery. It has more subtle results than a face lift yet uses a similar technique to achieve a firmer appearance. This procedure only takes approximately forty five minutes to perform and recovery time is fairly swift which means that patients can get back to normal quite rapidly; patients can usually go back to work within 3 to 7 days.


one stitch face lift picture


The surgery :

The surgeon will mark the area with pen – just in front of the ears but near to the hairline and a separate cut just within the             hairline

The area is injected with local anaesthetic (this might sting a little)

The surgeon will check that the area is numb

The incisions are made

The muscles and tissues are pulled into place

The area is stitched into place

The looseness on the jaw line tightens

Benefits from this procedure :

Scars are usually hidden by your hair line and they do not stretch

2 very small incisions are made

You will see results immediately

Minimal risks

Return to work within 3 to 7 days

No maximum age limit

Suitable for patients with diabetes and most heart conditions


Risks :

As with all surgical procedures, there are always some risks involved and these can include:


Loss of sensation


Local anaesthetic sensitivity

Excessive scarring


Hair loss

Poor wound healing

Bruising and swelling

These risks are rare and regulatory pre-operation checks are carried out in order to reduce and prevent these conditions from materialising

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2 years ago

Hello. How much does this cost? Shall we expect a permanent effect?

Kat&Co Team

2 years ago

Hi Klara,
the 1 stitch is a 2 stage procedure and the fee is on our fee page.
it is not a permanent procedure. We would recommend the 2 stitch which is more ‘permanent’ and lasts up to 5 years or more


2 years ago

Please can you advise if either the one or two stitch facelift will improve nasolabial folds.

Kat&Co Team

2 years ago

Hi Andrew,
The 2 stitch and some fillers or fat transfer combined can improve the nasolabial folds
Hope this is helpful. Click here to book a free mini chat with one of our surgeons -


2 years ago

Hi I am interesting one stitch face left Sergey.

Kat&Co Team

2 years ago

Hi Kam,
Call 0121 4567930 to book a consultation with Mrs Kat to find out if the one stitch or 2 stitch mini facelift suits you.
Alternatively, email us your contact number and we can call you – TeamKat



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