Nutricosmetics: Better Skin From Inside Out?

The potential use of dietary supplements to improve skin health has been viewed as the next frontier in skincare and anti-ageing medicine. While the global evidence for the effectiveness of such dietary supplements (“nutricosmetics”) has remained largely non conclusive, the impact of diet on our complexion is undeniable. The roles of antioxidants and specific vitamins in maintaining skin health and vitality have also been established.

Modern, busy lifestyle and the ways by which foods are produced and processed have made the case for nutricosmetics for some people as the only way to receive high levels of antioxidants and vitamins to benefit the skin.

In response to requests from our patients who want to do more for their skin in addition to topical skin care and skin treatments, we have looked into this area and identified a range of nutriceuticals which we believe can be helpful.

The Advanced Nutrition Programme has a wide range of products for both skin and general well being. In addition to the studies done by the manufacturer, there have also been positive anecdotal evidence. Of specific interest to us are the skin supplements and we have selected 4 which can complement the existing skin treatments we offer:


1) For clearer skin; indicated for conditions like acne, rosacea

2) Contains vitamins A,C and E along with proprietary plant compound DIM which enables the active ingredient to work more efficiently together.

3) 2 Caps twice a day for 14 weeks and option of reducing the dose thereafter or stopping and resuming as needed.


1) For skin health and skin repair

2) Vitamin A and D and Antioxidant

3) Dose: 1 cap of vit A+ and 1 cap of skin antioxidant


1) Anti Ageing supplement formulated to promote collagen production, improving skin laxity

2) Vitamin A, C and D

3) 2 Caps per day


1) For dry skin and general skin health

2) Contains Vitamins A, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Antioxidants.

3) 2 caps per day


We are very pleased to be able to offer this additional dimension as part of our multimodal approach to skin health and will update on this topic with case reports in future.”

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