Miss Kerstin Oestreich Talks Breast Reduction

Meet Miss Kerstin Oestreich, a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon at Kat & Co.

Miss Oestreich trained internationally and has worked as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the UK since 2007. Kerstin has a specialist interest in the cosmetic areas of breast surgery including reductions, augmentations and mastopexies.  

She believes breast reductions can be life-changing surgery for her patients and wanted to share her expertise (below) with anyone considering this type of procedure. 

How does Breast Reduction work?

Let’s look at what to expect with the surgery which can be done as a day case in our clinic.

Depending on your breasts, you may have an anchor-shaped scar below your breasts or just a line underneath your nipples… Breast tissue is removed at the bottom, sides and top of the breasts depending on the size we want to achieve.

The areola will become usually a little bit smaller and will sit higher, together with the whole breast, all in all, more perky and less droopy.

We most often do not need to use any drains and you will only have very light dressings on your scar lines.

You will be wearing a soft but supportive ‘sports bra’ for 12 weeks after the surgery and we will see you a week after the surgery with our specialist plastic nurse to review your healing process.

You will feel much lighter and there will be a relief of pain in your shoulders and back, once the breasts have been reduced to a smaller size.

After 12 weeks we will support you in the scar treatment that is tailored to your personal needs and you will be able to wear all the nice bras which you might have yearned for but avoided in the past.

The breast tissue will be reviewed by a specialist pathology team to ensure that all is fine. An added bonus really is a reduced amount of actual breast tissue, and therefore reduced risk for changes in your breast tissues long term.

If you are interested to find out more or see if a breast reduction is the right procedure for you, just come in and see us for a more individualized consultation. Contact the team on 0121 456 7930 or email enquiry@cckat.com

Ms Kerstin Oestreich, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Carol Reader

2 years ago

I am interested in this procedure. However, I am 66 years old so i don’t know if this procedure is suitable.
I am 5 foot tall and have a 34 g size bust.
I am a little overweight but feel even if I lost weight my bust would look even worse.
I suffer from neck problems. I have had cervical spondylitis for a number of years but as my bust as got larger I find this is becoming more of a problem. Could you advise if this would be suitable,given my age.
Yours sincerely
Carol Reader

Kat&Co Team

2 years ago

Hi Carol,
your age and medical problems are not a contraindication but we do have a weight limit.
i have asked a member of staff to contact you to discuss this


2 years ago

I would love a appointment with Kerstin in the near future . Kindest regards to her

Kat&Co Team

2 years ago

thank you
we will pass the message to her



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