Introducing Our New See & Treat Mole Clinic

We are excited to re-introduce our See & Treat Mole Clinic, making it easy for our patients to get their moles assessed, removed and tested. Mole removal can be performed under local anaesthetic on the same day as your in-person assessment. This is ideal for patients with a busy lifestyle, and reduces your costs and the number of times you need to visit the clinic.

Free Online Mole Assessment

Interested in mole removal or worried about potential melanoma? Our free online mole assessment can help you determine if you are suitable for surgery, and the potential costs involved.

The process is quick and easy: just send us pictures of your mole(s), a brief description and measurements, and we will get back to you with a free assessment and quote. Click here to book your free online mole assessment.

Mole Removal

At our specialist mole clinic, you will be assessed by our team of consultant plastic surgeons or dermatologist who will advise you of the best method of treatment. We offer the following methods for mole removal:

  • Surgical excision using a CO2 laser
  • Shaving
  • Excision with a knife

The technique selected for you will depend on your age, your skin type, the size of the mole and the location.

Shave removal

Shaving or laser ablation of your mole is a simple and painless procedure you may wish to choose if your mole sticks out from your skin. During this treatment, our plastic surgeon will apply a local anaesthetic and simply shave the protruding part of the mole with a blade or with the CO2 laser. The area will then be cauterized to prevent bleeding, and we reduce the risk of infection using a topical antibiotic. You may have a pink mark in the mole’s place but this will fade in time.

Surgical excision

Excision is more suitable for large moles where regrowth is a concern. Surgical excision is performed under a local anaesthetic, removing the mole itself as well as a small area of the surrounding skin. The excision is then closed with a stitch which will leave a small scar that fades over time.

How Much Does Mole Removal Cost?

See & Treat consultations for mole removal are free with a £50 refundable deposit. If you attend your appointment, but decide not to go ahead with the procedure, this deposit will be refunded. If you do not attend your appointment, you will lose the £50 deposit.

Treatment costs:

Single Mole/Lesion

From £495

Additional Mole/Lesion(s)

From £200

Histology (If required)

£130 per mole/lesion

To book your mole removal appointment, please complete our free online mole assessment to determine your suitability and receive a quote.

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