Another happy patient

“I do not consider myself to be a vain person and had, until now, accepted physical features nature gave me.

I work in a mainly male dominated environment and was beginnning to feel less confident as the signs of aging developed in my face. I was 55 years old and my only child was just 14 years old. I need to remain in work until she at least finishes full time education and I was finding my drooping eyelids particularly difficult to cope with. The mirror reflected an old woman looking back at me and mentally i was accepting that image and feeling old and tired. Sounds daft, but so true.

In 2015 i visited Mrs Katb and enquired about upper eyelid surgery. The appointment was relaxed and detailed. There was no pressure placed on me to undertake surgery. I then spent 18 months debating with myselfwhether i should accept old age and questioning what actual benefits this surgery would bring to me. Would the money be better spent on home improvements? Finally, in February 2016 i decided to undergo surgery. Mrs Kat performed an upper blephroplasty procedure for me.

For the first few weeks, i questioned whether i had made the correct decision. I most certainly did make the correct decision. Once the swelling and bruising disappeared i had the most fabulous yopung looking eyes again. I can draw eyeliner across the top of my lashes, apply eye shadow on the lids of my eyes and take some pride back in my facial appearance.

I had long ago stopped putting myself first and this simple procedure caused me to look at my life in so many ways. I feel younger and more confident. I am enjoying going out and having some fun. I look in the mirror and no longer feel old.

Mrs Kat has transformed the way i feel about myself.”

E.D Birmingham

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