You may have heard about Lipoedema in the media recently with news stories highlighting the impact that this chronic condition has on women’s lives.

Mostly occurring in women and affecting approximately 11% of the female population, Lipoedema is a chronic and progressive condition that accumulates fat below the waist making your hips, legs and buttocks out of proportion with your upper body (it can also affect the arms).

The condition has a genetic, hormonal, metabolic and lymphatic component and like most chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, there is no ‘cure’ however unlike these diseases, treatment for Lipoedema is rarely available on the NHS leaving patients to seek treatment privately where possible.

Kat & Co are privileged that our Consultant Plastic Surgeon CC Kat has trained in the treatment of Lipoedema with Dr David Amron, MD – one of the leading body contouring specialists in Los Angeles and can offer treatment at our Clinic in Birmingham.

With early diagnosis and treatment, the disease can be significantly improved and more importantly can help work towards preventing the progression of the condition.

For treatment to achieve the best results it has to address all the components of the disease which includes:-

  • Lymphatic drainage and decongestive therapy
  • Lymphatic sparing liposuction to address the abnormal collection of fat ( VASER liposuction is the preferred technique)
  • Plastic surgery to address skin laxity after liposuction if necessary
  • Nutritional counselling towards a diet that helps to control the disease
  • Pre and post surgical intravenous therapy

Mrs Kat now uses her training and expertise to support patients with Lipoedema at her private clinic in Birmingham and along with her team uses The Amron Method TM . This specialist approach includes the five treatment components noted above with the aim to achieve the best results possible for each patient. An example of the fantastic results achieved using The Amron Method TM. can be seen in the photo below. (Photo is copyright of Dr Amron M.D).

A sample of the results achieved using The Amron Method TM .

If you would like to speak to one of our team about Lipoedema and the treatments we offer please contact us on 0121 456 7930.



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